What We Work

The foundation through interesting videos and interactive processes indulges in Sharing of knowledge. Further it has also been distributing sanitary pads free of cost to women lying below poverty line in furtherance of its demand which has gained the support of more than 3 lacs citizens in form of signature on a petition demanding accessibility to pads and other means of hygiene for menstruation.

Project Paavni

Project ‘Paavni’ is a unique campaign aimed at enabling women in the society to become change agents.


Humanity foundation works on Health and development and regularly organizes the awareness camps.

Women Empowerment

According to a recent UNDP Human Development Report, India has a dangerously imbalanced sex ratio.

Old Age Care

Humanify foundation aims to serve elder needs in a holistic manner, enabling them to live active, dignified and healthier lives.

Slum Child Care

It feels great when we are able to share our joys and peace with others.

Life Coaching

He has also helped many in realizing people their hidden strengths through one to one sessions as a life coach.

Humanify Foundation

Humanify foundation is a non-profit NGO dedicated to giving voice to the underprivileged, marginalized and unheard section of the society. The foundation strives to make this World a kinder and better place for one and all. Several events have been organised by the foundation so far, touching many sensitive issues with sole intention of creating the wave of awareness and setting the wheel of transformation into motion. The foundation is enlivened by its zealous volunteers. With their help the foundation has been successfully organising several events like fun filled educational sessions with children of some of the down trodden sections of society ( like Shahbad in Delhi) intermittent picnics for them, or visits to the old age home to spread happiness. The foundation has also been steadily organizing several workshops and educational camps for raising and spreading awareness on menstrual hygiene.

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Our Team

Niraj Gera

Founder and President

Niraj Gera, is an internationally acclaimed award-winning photographer, a social reformer & a motivational speaker...

Laxmi Agarwal

General Secretary

LaxmiAgarwal is an Indian campaigner with Stop Sale Acid and a TV host.She is an acid attack survivor and speaks for the rights of acid attack victims...

Dr. Punyatoya Patra

Joint Secretary

Dr. Patra is an Associate Professor in the department of geography, University of Delhi...

Amar Rai

Vice President

Mr. Rai is currently working in the Ministry of Defense and an eminent social worker who aims to improve people’s lives by helping with social...

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