About Us

Humanify foundation

Humanify foundation is a non-profit NGO dedicated to giving voice to the underprivileged, marginalized and unheard section of the society. The foundation strives to make this World a kinder and better place for one and all. Several events have been organised by the foundation so far, touching many sensitive issues with sole intention of creating the wave of awareness and setting the wheel of transformation into motion. The foundation is enlivened by its zealous volunteers. With their help the foundation has been successfully organising several events like fun filled educational sessions with children of some of the down trodden sections of society ( like Shahbad in Delhi) intermittent picnics for them, or visits to the old age home to spread happiness. The foundation has also been steadily organizing several workshops and educational camps for raising and spreading awareness on menstrual hygiene.

The foundation through interesting videos and interactive processes indulges in Sharing of knowledge. Further it has also been distributing sanitary pads free of cost to women lying below poverty line in furtherance of its demand which has gained the support of more than 2.25 lacs citizens in form of signature on a petition demanding accessibility to pads and other means of hygiene for menstruation. As an impact the petition was even put up before the health ministry of India. One of the milestones of the foundation is the organization of SACRED TRANSFORMATION (2017) which was a mass reaching, eye opening and soul steering photo exhibition on the issue of acid attack which sailed across boundaries and touched hearts of its viewers and won several prestigious awards internationally.

Another exhibition which followed soon after was SACRED STAINS (2019) which was heartily received by the people and immensely praised by the media touched on the pressing issue of Menstruation Hygiene.

These exhibitions were curated by the ace photographer Niraj Gera. Niraj is a social worker, an entrepreneur, a senior faculty with the art of living, a certified life coach and much more. He has touched many lives with his love and charm and continues to do so. He lives by the ancient adage of 'VasudevaKutumbkam' and concretized his wishes of spreading peace and harmony by holding spiritual and meditation sessions besides contributing to the society in all his multifaceted capacities.