National Menstruation Policy

History has borne witness to many upheavals against major social prejudices and practices. But these have been limited to some issues. Some everyday social evils have persisted throughout time and have been trivialized as being normal. These are everyday struggles of people (or a section of them) that we are taught to ignore, put up with or endure in silence.

The taboos associated with menstruation and the reluctance in discussing it is one such issue that has been stuck in the cycle of inaction. The reluctance in holding open dialogue leads to problems ranging from unhealthy menstrual hygiene practices to ignorance about the various MHMs (menstrual hygiene measures) that are available to women, both sustainable and disposable; the health issues related to use of DSNs (disposable sanitary napkins) and the ecological impact each women have while they use DSNs during each cycle that accumulate in various landfills or get burnt.

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