Elderly Care

With the evolution of the increased number of nuclear families, old-age homes are mushrooming in India as well. These retirement homes not only provide a roof to elderly people but also the companionship, food, regular health check-up, safety, freedom, and termination to their abusive life; but deep inside these abundant souls keep starving for love & respect from their children. In the rush of chasing our dream and living life in the glory of youth, we often overlook the needs and desires of our oldsters, at times leaving them alone in such old age homes.

Humanify Foundation regularly organizes ‘Happiness & Meditation Sessions’ at various old age homes (Vridhashram) for the betterment and empowerment of such elderly people. Apart from assisting them in eliminating their negative emotions through self-awareness techniques and various forms of meditations, we are also committed to raising awareness among society. Our ‘Happiness & Meditation Sessions” receive a great response from adorable senior citizens & they receive a much needed healing touch, mindfulness & a better self-esteem realization while such sessions.

You can also, volunteer with us and be our support system to transform the world.

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