Rural Education

Education in rural India is a catalyst to improve the socio-economic well-being of our nation. According to the Annual State of Education Report (ASER) 2019, only 16% of children in Class 1 in 26 surveyed rural districts In India can read the text at the prescribed level, while almost 40% cannot even recognise letters. To achieve the dream of Skilled & Strong India, there has to be an enhanced focus on upgrading the rural education system. There is a urgent need to provide a holistic solution to ensure quality education at the grassroots level.

The problems related to education in rural India are:
• Lack of availability of resources
• Lack of awareness of educational importance
• Less availability of schools
• Digital dividend
• Financial condition

Humanify Foundation is working towards transforming the educational structure of rural areas of India. We are trying to redefine rural education through blended learning (online & offline) & digital classrooms for children in remote villages, with the support of local communities/ngos and a team of selfless Volunteer Teachers from across the globe. With teaching aids of latest technology for a consistent learning experience, the children from these remote areas receive mainstream education along with education about various skills for a promising & rewarding future. Humanify has initiated ‘Humanify’s Youth Empowerment Centres’ where focus is to empower youth to become aptly educated in order to make them competitive for self-employment & various professions. Once they receive education, these youth members of village endlessly work for the development of the village. We are witnessing tremendous change in the skills of the individuals receiving training.

One of such centres is operational in Bel Village of Uttrakhand which has been adopted by our Chairman Niraj Gera Sir. Youth & Children of that area are receiving education on various subjects along with skills like computers, arts, drama, music etc. We have installed computers and sewing machines in the Centre. We would say it to be defined as the Centre of Hope because in the era of pandemic, where work from home has taken the lead, it is imperative for everyone to have hands-on knowledge about computers. Humanify organization is dedicatedly working towards up-skilling the children, the women and the youth of the village for them to have infinite golden doors towards opportunities. So, let's all pledge to continue to be a source of light for others as much as we can.

Come be the ray of hope for someone and change their life.

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