Service Projects

Our Projects

Humanify Foundation is a non - profit organisation, which is working to bring health, happiness, mental peace and inculcate human values in society. We are working for the women empowerment, gender equality, menstrual hygiene, destigmatization of periods, healthy menstruation, WASH campaign, gender discrimination, women rights & anti acid attack movement in India , underprivileged children & various others weaker sections of the society. This organisation aims to “nurture the humanity” in this world and make people more sensitive towards each other and create harmonious.
and inculcate human values in society.

Menstrual Health Awareness

Humanify Foundation is an Indian organization which empowers women/girls by encouraging discussion of taboo subjects such as menstruation

Rural Education

Humanify Foundation is working towards transforming the educational structure of rural areas of India. We are trying to redefine rural education through blended learning

Motivational Workshops for Students

Students are the real assets of every country. Team Humanify dreams to tap the youth potential to its best for those individuals, their family members, society, nation & entire world.

Underprivileged Children Upliftment

Humanify Foundation strives to eliminate the roots of illiteracy, inequality, and discrimination from the community.

Elderly Care

Humanify Foundation regularly organizes ‘Happiness & Meditation Sessions’ at various old age homes (Vridhashram) for the betterment and empowerment of such elderly people.

Social Photo Documentaries

Through our social documentaries, we aim to vocalize the unsaid and unheard emotions of the unprivileged and backward sections of the country.

Other Services Projects

Team Humanify Foundation is always available to support humanity, protect environment & human rights, heal wounded souls & do whatever it takes to make this world move liveable.