Underprivileged Children Upliftment

Humanify Foundation strives to eliminate the roots of illiteracy, inequality, and discrimination from the community. Team Humanify aims to achieve this goal by spreading awareness and empowering the underprivileged section of society. We focus on changing the minds by creating a positive mindset in them & making them realize their real potential. Our ‘Angels of Humanity’ work on the grassroots level and create unity between the community and underprivileged children to acquire basic standards of living.

Under the guidance of our chairman Niraj Gera, we aim to uplift the life-course of these socially excluded sections of the society by offering Positivity of Mind, Health & Hygiene awareness, food, menstrual hygiene products, and other necessary items. Our dedicated team members mentor them on a regular basis about various social and life skills. We organize & conduct various team-building exercises, dance, fun, mindfulness & meditation sessions for them on a regular basis & spend some euphoric moments with underprivileged children. We also endeavour to help adolescents in getting scholarships for better and higher education, & try to ensure that they become an asset to this nation & society.

Let's foster together and be a support system for society.

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